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Commercial Services

Let us do the work for you!

We have the tools, equipment, and the man power to take on any job!

Construction sites, Apartment Units, Foreclosures, Warehouses, Storage Units, Estates, and much more!
  • We understand that sometimes renters may leave for various reasons and not take everything with them.
  • We can take care of everything from cleaning out the junk to hauling it all away.
  • We provide an alternative to using dumpsters.
  • We do all the loading, lifting and clean up so you don’t have to hire someone or do it yourself.
  • We pick up all the junk and debris.
  • We sweep up nails, screws, or anything left over from a job.
  • There are many reasons where storage units may need to be cleaned out.
  • For example, they leave all their stuff, they don’t take everything with them, they need help cleaning their unit out, they may be downsizing, they have junk they no longer want, or they are moving and no longer need their unit, etc.
  • We will clean out the unit from top to bottom.
  • If you have a foreclosed home that is full of junk and debris we can offer you our services.
  • We clean out any left behind debris, furniture, appliances and more.
  • We also rip out any carpet if needed.
  • We offer our services to non profit organizations such as government agencies and churches for those who are in need.
  • We are committed to helping others in our community and provide discounts depending on the job.
  • Call us for a quote.

“It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it!”

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